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Easy-to-Operate Awning Windows for Homes in Lancaster, PA

Awning windows with fall view

If you need replacement windows for your home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, you might consider the best-in-class awning windows offered and installed by Window World of Central PA. Hinged at the top, this type of window has a distinctive design and includes a convenient handle that can be used to effortlessly open the window outward from the bottom.

In addition to providing maximum airflow and natural light, an awning window offers a unique advantage in that it can be kept open during a light rainstorm if desired. In the open position, the window’s glass pane serves as an awning over the opening into the home, helping to keep rain and moisture out.

Are Awning Windows Right for Your Home?

Window World of Central PA is pleased to offer top-of-the-line awning windows that deliver uncompromising durability, energy efficiency, and beauty. Specifically, this window style is made for rectangular openings that have a greater width than height.

Our team can help you determine where our awning windows would work best in your home. For instance, this type of window often works well in areas that need good ventilation, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, many homeowners choose to install awning windows over sinks and countertops and in other hard-to-reach areas where it would be difficult to access a traditional window sash. And because awning windows offer an expansive and unobstructed view of the outdoors, they are a great choice for a living room or sitting area.

If you decide to go with awning windows, we can help you customize your selections to meet your precise needs. Once your new windows are ready, our factory-certified technicians will take it from there, meticulously installing them at your home in Lancaster, PA. To learn more about our replacement windows or to request your complimentary consultation, contact Window World of Central PA today.